It is pretty simple to arrange the holiday trip you always have dreamt of. Find the accommodation on line, book it, buy flight tickets and arrange with transfer/rental car and you are all setup. For the family this is the way to get a wonderful holiday experience without breaking the bank.


There are direct flights to Málaga from many cities in Europe, finding a cheap flight should not be hard. Examples of airlines flying to Málaga:
Primera Air
Norwegian Air

Renting a car

The big car rental companies you have heard of before are of course present in Málaga too, and they have offices at the airport. At AutoSpain you can compare the rental companies and book a car. There are also companies with a more local feel, such as Bruno’s Car, NordiqCar and Malaga Car, which all will meet you at the airport if you wish.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when renting a car in Spain, and likely in many other countries as well. Several of the Spanish car rental agencies have a fuel policy which says that you pay for a full tank (with a high price per liter) when you pick up the car and you return the car with an empty tank. If you don’t need that much fuel you have done a bad deal. There are also frequent reports of attempts to pin damages made to the car to the next person when the car was already damaged from the beginning, so check your contract and the state of the car carefully.


You can book transfer from the airport to our house through us. The company (ACP) managing our house when we are not there, have this service and the cost is €50 each way.

Suntransfers also have transfers from the airport in Málaga to your destination. You book through their web-site and you have to pay in advance. When you arrive at the airport the driver will meet you outside customs and help you with the bags. They have both cars and minivans, and they are a good option to taking taxis, also considering the cost.

A cheaper option is to take the train from the airport to Fuengirola, which is about €2.50 per person. From Fuengirola you then travel with bus or taxi, the latter will be about €20 to get to the house. The bus station is situated close to the train station and it is about €2 per person to get to Calahonda. You then have a 10 minute walk to the house.