Rental Rules

Government rules & regulations

When a home is let out in Spain, there are standards and regulations to follow, such as that each room must have an A/C unit and there must be a first aid kit in the house. We of course follow all rules and regulations for home rentals, our license number is VFT/MA/11513.

Booking and payment

You can make a preliminary booking of the house to have time to verify that other things can be arranged accordingly, such as flight tickets. The preliminary booking is good for a week. If you change your mind and no longer plan to rent the house, please let us know as soon as possible. If we have not heard from you within a week we will automatically remove the booking and make the house available for others.
When you have made your final decision to rent the house, you pay 25% of the rent as booking fee to confirm the booking. The 25% is of course deducted from the final payment, but you will not get the booking fee back if you later on cancel the booking.
Latest one month before the rental period starts the remaining rent should be paid.

If booking is made less than 30 days before arrival, the whole amount should be paid, and no confirmation fee. The preliminary booking time is also less, about 2 working days.

When you get to the house

We will send you the keys to the house, a welcome letter and a map of the area well in time before your arrival. Optionally our property manager will hand over the keys when you arrive. In the house there are an additional set of keys, as well as keys to other locks belonging to the house, such as terrace doors and storage doors.

When you arrive we recommend that you take a brief look inside the house when you arrive, and if you find anything broken, missing or not in expected condition, then let us know immediately. We want the possibility to fix issues as soon as possible, and we don’t want you to be billed for any damages which have been caused by previous guests.

Keep in mind that if you move furniture or put away anything, put it back before you leave the house, otherwise the next guest might not find it or consider it having been removed from the house.

Force majeure

Should something happen beyond our control that causes us to cancel the booking from our side, such as fire, water damage, natural event or damage, the entire rental fee will be refunded including the booking fee. The tenant is not entitled to compensation if any such event occurs. Should such a thing happen, we will of course do our utmost to help the tenant find an equivalent accommodation but cannot guarantee it.