House Rules


The swimmingpool is open from 9:30am to 9:00pm all year around.
Soap, schampoo and other personal hygiene related products are not allowed to be used in the swimmingpool or in the shower next to the pool.

Electricity and water

Electricity and water is included in the rent, but please don’t waste it since they are expensive resources. Turn off the A/C when you leave the room since it only takes a couple of minutes for the very effective units to cool down the room again when it is powered on again.


Garbage is separated at source and is left in containers a short walk from the house. Yellow containers are for plastics, the green containers for glass, and the grey containers are for all other garbage.


Smoking is allowed on the terraces, but not inside the house.

If something breaks or disappears

Please contact us or our property manager if anything breaks when you are in the house, we like to fix all issues as soon as possible. We just want you to enjoy your stay in the house, and have a relaxing vacation.